The New Le Feu EYE

Danish Design -Timeless Quality

Le Feu bio fireplaces use only bioethanol fuel, good for the environment your home and your health


A Timeless MasterPiece in Design

EYE Stands out in any room

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Design - Sustainable - Eco friendly

Le Feu Fires

Le Feu is one of the best selling fireplaces and leading companies in sales and consulting of bio and gas fires. Le Feu's bio fires are the best selling bioethanol brand in UK, Scandinavia and Europe, quality designed all bio fires are built to conform to EN16647 standards.

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Elegant & Intelligent cosiness

Le Feu CLEVER Build In Bio Fires

CLEVER is a new electronic bio ethanol burner, which is engineered for indoor use and suitable as a built-in fireplace. To replace an existing old wood burning fireplace, with a modern, clean fire using sustainable bio fuel, CLEVER builds easily into new or existing homes and compliments living spaces.

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