Le Feu designs and produces beautiful contemporary replaces that are portable and eco-friendly providing a lifestyle collection and an effective functional heating solution in a stunning choice of sizes and styles for the home and outdoor spaces.

The beautiful smoke free fireplaces from Le Feu require no flue and work using biofuel making them clean and environmentally friendly as the flame radiates warmth and comfort throughout the room


LE FEU fireplaces comply with European Standards and are very easy to install, ready for use. Each model comes complete with installation and set up guides. The LE FEU Fireplaces require no flue or chimney. LE FEU SKY model is a ceiling hanging fireplace and a comprehensive guide is provided including fixing recommendations for each fireplace.

What type of fuel is required for use?

 The fuel used in the fireplace is denatured ethanol also referred to as ethyl alcohol, bio ethanol or grain alcohol. This is sourced from natural products such as plants including corn, wheat, barley and sugarcane and is a safe natural fuel to use and is an eco-friendly fuel.

LE FEU fireplaces should use only liquid, pure denatured ethanol. This can be identified under under various trade names (bio-alcohol, bio ethanol stove fuel etc.) and is sold at merchandise stores, and the Internet. Contact LE FEU directly via contact@lefeu.co.uk for help with purchasing bio ethanol fuel.


The amount of CO2 produced by the fireplace is small and comparable to the level emitted by a candle. Bio ethanol fuels produce clean, smokeless warmth without the harmful emissions produced from conventional fossil fuel fires and wood burners. We recommend that if the fireplace is used in small rooms and the burner is set to maximum adjustment, the door(s) or a window should be opened to allow for air circulation and guard against indoor air pollution. Do not use an unvented appliance in room(s) used for sleeping, a shower room or a bathroom.


LE FEU fireplaces are engineered and designed to allow the specially created dome to deliver beautiful ambient heat. The fireplaces produce approximately 3.0kw of heat which is equivalent to a small gas or electric heater. 2.0 to 2.5kw output of heat approximately heats a 20 square metre room.


The duration is dependent on the burner setting used and conditions of the climate. In areas with a high air current, the duration may be reduced. It is estimated 1.5 litre of fuel may last for up to 5 to 6 hours subject to conditions. 


No, the fireplace is run by bioethanol alone. There is no need for electrical connection or batteries.

Care required when handling bio fuel

Denatured bio-ethanol is a highly inflammable Class 1 fuel. The user bears the responsibility for handling and storage and to follow the operational guidelines stated in the user manual when using bio fuel with a Le Feu fireplace which is published available on the lefeu.co.uk website. Furthermore users must ensure that current regulations are strictly maintained and adhered to. Do not allow children to use ethanol fuels and keep animals away at all times.

User care and responsibility when filling burner with fuel - important to read

Care is needed when filling the Burner chamber and Le Feu is not liable where these instructions are not followed, to NOT spill fuel between the Burner and the Underbucket. If fuel is spilt do not attempt to light the burner, instead remove the burner and clean the spilt fuel from the outside of the burner and inside of the underbucket. Failure to clean spilled fuel may result in difficulty to extinguish the burner. It is the responsibility of the user to keep the burner maintained and to clean regularly (weekly) and to avoid spilling fuel down the side between the burner and underbucket space. Le Feu website provides video guide on how to fill and light the burner and the User Manual available on the site should be referred to for assistance. 

How to setup Le Feu SKY