Sustainable Bio Fuels
Gentle on our Planet, Cleaner in our homes

Nothing is more important than saving the planet and creating a healthy clean air environment. new green fuels such as bio ethanol are carbon neutral and what's great is they're eco-friendly contributing to make the home a cleaner safer environment.

le feu are danish designers of modern bio fires leaders that pioneer in the supply of bio ethanol heaters, the collection has five contemporary and unique designs available to choose from, le feu bio fires offer modern heating solutions that need no chimney or flue and a great opportunity to introduce a cleaner heating source to your living or work area. for more details visit the le feu website for more information and keep in touch as we have new additional models coming soon.


Lines that inspire

appreciate the classic simplicity of le feu bio fires by visiting the stunning lines are found in five individually created styles.

Le Feu sky IS the best selling bio fire in scandinavia. a suspended ceiling fire that delivers the "wow" factor.

Le Feu Wall takes no floor space, a sleek rotation feature angles the flame to where you wish to direct the warmth

Le Feu ground low perfect for small apartments a terrace and even in a fireplace to replace an old coal grate  

Le Feu ground wood inspired by nature features hand crafted danish wood

Le Feu ground steel easy to install for your immediate enjoyment in keeping with all le feu bio fires




Handy Tips



BBC -"The UK government said wood burning stoves and coal fires are the largest source of fine particulate matter (PM2.5), small particles of air pollution which find their way into the body's lungs and blood".


studies have shown bio-eThanol fireplaces to be much safer than wood burning fireplaces since “the emissions from wood burning stoves have been linked with cancer". The UK Government has announced a ban on the use of coal and wood burners from 2021, to improve our air quality. With ethanol fireplaces, no particulates are produced. based on the research we can conclude, bioethanol fuel is a safe fuel to use, especially when compared to standard gas burning fireplaces and wood burning fireplaces It emits no smoke or particles, just trace amounts of carbon dioxide that are no threat to you or your family.

As the fires are used indoors care should be taken to eliminate risk and the recommendations are pretty much common sense such as strategically placing in your home so it’s safe, creating a barrier so kids and pets can’t reach it and follow the manufacturers guide. Overall, an ethanol fireplace would be a great addition to any home, and it is sure to reduce your carbon footprint while posing no threat to your health.