Le Feu Burner No spill technology

Le Feu Bio Burner


The Le Feu burner is built with the Le Feu SafeBurn technology, which provides a safe experience of the bio fireplace. The Le Feu burner made of brushed steel is constructed with a fully enclosed burner that has a ceramic fibre filling that absorbs the bioethanol when refilled. This technology makes the burner spill proof, minimising the risk of accidents when using the bio-fireplace. The burner is designed with several safety devices to make the product safe and must therefore be used properly to minimise the risk of personal and material damage. Refer and read the manual to learn how to properly assemble the burner before use
Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 75mm The Burner contains 4 parts
  • Under bucket
  • Burner
  • Top Plate Lid to control the height of the fire and shut down
  • Front plate