Le Feu Eye Collection

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We are very proud to present the Le Feu Eye - The new bioethanol
fireplace from Le Feu Fires.

Le Feu Eye is designed to be displayed in your home. Enjoy the
design from every angle, as the flames gives your room a cozy and a
dynamic atmosphere. Every curve, every detail is made to perfection.
Just as a piece of furniture, the Eye draws attention from everyone
who enters the room.

With 37 different design options, you can personalize the fireplace
to your home. Explore all the options and be inspired. The timeless
round shape comes in 3 colors, and you can customize the front
plate and legs in different colors.

We are really excited to see how The Le Feu Eye will contribute to
the creative decor of beautiful, ever-changing homes in the future.

EYE: Effective Home Heating

Heat Output: 2.8KW - Burning time: 4.5 hours - Burner Capacity: 1.6 Litres