About Le Feu

Le Feu is a Danish company that was established in 2017. Iconic Danish design, flexibility and environmental approach have given the bio fireplaces from Le Feu an overwhelmingly positive reception in the market, and today are currently sold in 17 countries worldwide. The story of Le Feu is based on true passion and years of experience, resulting in the creation of an innovative and relevant product for today’s market. For generations, Le Feu has worked with fireplaces and wood stoves in defining the fireplaces as the heart and gathering place in Danish homes.

About the Design

Søren Lauritsen is crucial in the journey of Le Feu, as we know it today. A burning desire to change the traditional view of fireplaces occupied his thoughts. Søren had one vision, to create a beautiful, environmentally friendly and simple integratable fireplace that could be a focal point in any home.The idea took shape and late in the evening, the schematics for Le Feu were ready, and from here concept to final production progressed.  Through the collaboration and development with competent specialists and engineers to ensure the highest quality, both in materials and function, Le Feu became a reality and today is Scandinavia's best-selling bio fireplace.

Le Feu Fires Vision

Every home deserves a warm heart'- a natural gathering place for cosiness and an inviting atmosphere. The dancing flames capture the gaze, letting you appreciate the beautiful shape and form of the Le Feu bio fireplace.
Every home is unique and Le Feu's simple design and construction allows anyone to install the magic in their own home in just a few minutes. Our ambition, to be the world's leading bio fireplace manufacturer, goes hand in hand with a desire to inspire innovation and dynamism in interior design with a live fire in every home. We want our customers to experience the authentic Danish cosiness, the stylish design and natural care for the environment - wherever in the world they are.
Fire, design and functionality along with a focus on sustainability is a passion for the team behind Le Feu - and with the continued development of new designs and concepts, the goal is to inspire the same enthusiasm amongst our customers.